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1193 Hooksett Rd
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1 Highlander Way
Suite #2 (Inside The Executive Health & Sports Center)
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Update: Hooksett will be by appointment only while Manchester is accepting walk-ins.

We are happy to help in any way we can, whether it’s about IV Therapy, or you have a general question you need answered!


Most frequent questions and answers

Not sure what to choose? No worries, that is what your complimentary nurse consultation is for. With every visit, you will receive a nursing consultation either at the time of the infusion or prior to your infusion to ensure our nursing team can make appropriate recommendations for treatment options and discuss this with you ahead of time.

All Infusions times may vary depending on multiple factors including the vein being used, the size of IV catheter used, the infusion drip rate, and the amount of fluids being infused. Generally speaking, prepare for approximately 1 hour in total from walking through the door to completion. Most infusions, however, take about 20 minutes to infuse.

Every person is different, most infusions contain mostly water-soluble vitamins which will be naturally excreted through urine when your body is done using them. With that being said, most commonly, we recommend IV infusions once monthly or about every 3-6 weeks.

We ask that any pregnant mothers receive a note from her OB/GYN provider indicating the provider is comfortable with mom proceeding with IV Vitamin therapy and what vitamins/minerals the provider is comfortable being infused.

Yes! This is a perfect time to help boost your immune system to fight off viral illnesses naturally. IV Infusions will likely not help reduce symptoms of bacterial illness however.

We assure you that you will only receive your IV infusion treatment by a highly skilled and experienced Registered Nurse.

Be sure to eat a snack or meal prior, bring something to distract you, do not look at the needle poke and be sure to tell your nurse about your needle fear so this can be discussed.

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