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Back To Its Origin

At Origin Wellness Co. we value your time and full-body wellness, and it is our top priority to honor both. Bringing our services to you allows for you to get your time back while returning your body back to its origin.


Origin Wellness is New Hampshires Premier Wellness Clinic located both in Manchester and Hooksett, NH. With our whole health approach, we focus on what we call ‘bringing your health back to its origin’ which is also how our name came to be.

Health and Wellness are not a one size fits all, and our team of nurses make it a top priority to ensure that all of our clients are treated as such. Origin takes a very different approach from traditional clinics in how we approach each client; we like to build trustworthy relationships while helping you achieve any and all wellness goals that you may have.

We look forward to continuing this mission, while meeting more and more of our local community. Thank you for visitin us, and we hope to see you soon!

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