Vitamin D Injections

Vitamin D Information

It is important to know what your Vitamin D level is and if you are truly deficient before receiving Vitamin D3 injections. A simple Vitamin D lab draw costing $49 will allow our practice to properly treat you with our protocol for improving Vitamin D3 levels.

The reference range for Vitamin D is 30-100. Symptoms of low Vitamin D can be are not limited to: fatigue, poor sleep, moodiness, depression, hair loss, muscle weakness, bone pains/achiness, loss of appetite, getting sick easily, poor bone density

Above normal levels can lead to hypercalcemia.

Benefits of
Vitamin D

Bone Health Support

Increase Bone Density

Mood Improvement

Help Absorb Calcium

IM Vitamin D (Injections) Pricing

Starting at

$ 40

Starting at

$ 36

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