What sets Origin Wellness Co Apart

What sets Origin Wellness Co apart

Origin Wellness was founded on key values that are the building blocks for our team, partnerships, and achieving full body wellness for our clients.

When you have an experience with our team or our partners you can rest assured that they have integrity, honesty, they are dedicated to quality, they show respect, they are ambitious, they are leaders, and they are educators.

What you see is compassion and dedication to your full body wellness. You have a comprehensive plan developed and designed WITH you to achieve your goals. Wellness is not a one-size-fits all approach and we embody that. The experience is so much more than just an IV, we build relationships to be alongside you in your wellness journey. Our team of nurses is invested in your wellness success. We are passionate about doing what is right by you rather than selling you on things you truly do not need to succeed. 

This is by far one of the most important characteristics of our culture, as anything related to health should be. When you choose to visit with our team, we want to assist in setting you up for a long term successful wellness journey. Our team can help you with understanding any aspect of health, your body and what ‘levers’ will help you most to be feeling your best, long term.

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What can you expect when visiting?

Each visit includes a complimentary nurse consultation and a one-on-one experience with a highly skilled and compassionate nurse. You are not just a number here. We become invested in you, with your health and overall wellbeing in the forefront of the care you will receive.

Our team of nurses has been hand selected with many factors in mind. The most important is that our nurses embody our core values but also have education and years of experience, are committed to refining technique and skill, dedicated to the continuation of excellence, and have outstanding character to provide the best experience there is.

Origin was founded on the principles above, and with a mission to help everyone get to their Origin of health. We believe that while IVs serve as a great opportunity to enhance that goal, we also understand that it is much more than just that. Origin is fully staffed with Registered Nurses who understand this, as well as embody it.

We take great pride in our clients, and if you find yourself working with our team just know that it means the world to us that you have accepted us to help you reach any goal you have.

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