How often should you get IV therapy?

How Often Should You Get IV Therapy?


IV therapy is a great way to get nutrition, hydration, and support your body for optimum health. First, it is important to discuss with one of our registered nurses to determine your health needs, which may include any recent medical diagnosis received, known vitamin deficiencies, lifestyle considerations, and generally how you’ve been feeling.

For example, someone receiving chemotherapy, may benefit from an Immunity infusion weekly to protect their immune system with high dose vitamin C and zinc. If you are generally healthy once or twice a month may be enough to supplement your body with the nutrients it needs or maybe before travel, a big event, or marathon to give your body an extra boost and help prevent you from feeling run down or getting sick.

Most people will benefit from one infusion every two weeks, but many of our infusions you can get weekly if needed. Nutrient levels generally remain elevated for between two to three weeks after each treatment, however, every person is different, and you should monitor how your body feels or if you have any special health issues or concerns.

Specific infusions, such as our Quench formula and Reboot formula may be used on an as needed bases, such as after a marathon, or to relieve hangover symptoms after a long weekend. Other infusions that we offer such as the Get Up and Go formula and Myers’ Cocktail, contain vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, making them great for monthly infusions to help prevent fatigue & brain fog, promote anti-aging, and optimize athletic performance and recovery to name a few benefits. Pre-travel is a popular time to get an Immunity infusion to strengthen your immune system. The immunity boost provides potent antioxidants and minerals which assist in supporting the body’s immune response.

As always, our registered nurses are here to help and consult with you to determine the best IV infusion and schedule for your needs.

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